Early Childhood Facilitator

Learning Matters is a place where learning is a joint venture between children and teachers and where learning happens in the context of childhood. We practice experiential learning. We provide children with many materials to express and represent their thinking.


Green Park
Max Towers


8:00 AM - 2:30 PM

Roles & Responsibilities

The Early Years Programme at Learning Matters invites educators who are advocates of Early Childhood for a full-time position. We are looking at Educators who can passionately support children’s play, exploration, inquiry & creative/critical thinking.

An Early Childhood Facilitator will be expected to create a democratic, creative environment in which meaningful learning and personal growth are fostered through a variety of creative learning experiences in our two, three, four-year-old classrooms as well as our Pre-K classroom. Role includes but are not limited to:

  • Ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of all children
  • Nurture physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth and development of each child
  • Plan and implement the emergent curriculum according to developmentally appropriate practices and Learning Matters values with your teaching team

  • Maintain a cheerful, nurturing healthy, safe and clean classroom environment
  • Maintain attendance, absenteeism, and injury records
  • Maintain storage, organization, and cleanliness of classroom equipment and materials
  • Provide support for classroom supplies

  • Communicate regularly with Dir. School, Pedagogista, and Leadership Team, including all concerns regarding a child’s progress
  • Participate in regular Educator meetings and professional development
  • Observe growth and development of each child and communicate with parents and Dir. School through an internal documentation process
  • Facilitate and hold parent conferences as needed/requested
  • Work with the teaching team on problem-solving and school challenges as needed

  • Work towards increasing knowledge and abilities in the field of early childhood education and related topics through attendance at workshops and courses, reading books or periodicals, or other means
  • Weeklong professional development is provided to teachers during onboarding