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After school academic intervention programme to promote pathways for successful learning

The School Success Programme is an after school, academic intervention programme. We support school-age students to build academic and lifeskills needed for school success.

Our internationally qualified and experienced teachers provide research-based, systematic and structured intervention to help students build skills in order to become successful learners.

Unfortunately, several students inspite of being bright, face daily humiliation and failure in school. They may be unable to read fluently or spell words correctly. Some students may experience difficulties because of weak attention or memory. Yet, for some others, staying organised and being able to plan their time or materials may be a challenge.

At the School Success Programme, we identify each child’s unique learning profile. We use a strength-based model to provide targeted intervention to individual students in order to help them become confident learners, restore their self-worth and give them the academic skills they need.



Reading is a vital skill needed for school success. Research shows that two out of ten children, inspite of being smart, struggle with reading skills. For some decoding is a mystery while for others comprehension and paucity of language skills remains a challenge. At Learning Matters, trained reading specialists identify each child’s breakdown point and infuse the skills needed to become proficient readers.


Like reading, writing too is a skill that students need to be specifically taught. While writing may not pose a challenge for some children, for others it is hard to put their thoughts on paper. This can be due to several factors like lack of ideation, weak active working memory, language difficulties, weakness in attention controls or graphomotor difficulties etc. At Learning Matters, we identify and build on the areas a student needs targeted intervention and help with.


Language is the bedrock for successful speaking, listening, reading and writing. Poor language skills also impact students’ social skills and communication. Further, the school system is heavily skewed towards students with strong language abilities. We observe that several children, inspite of trying, struggle with academics due to weakness in language skills. After accurate diagnosis, intervention is provided in the areas of expressive and receptive language.


Several children struggle with mathematics. This can be for various reasons. Some are unable to decipher word problems due to language difficulties, others are unable to master the concepts introduced and some may have computational challenges due to visual spatial difficulties. At Learning Matters we make math real with concrete materials and real life, meaningful problem solving. Concepts are reinforced in several ways moving from concrete to representational to abstract stages. Children are made aware of mathematical patterns and logic. Games and kinaesthetic approaches are used to teach concepts. Our goal is for children to enjoy mathematics and understand its functional applications in everyday life.



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