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Here are some of the hand-picked articles from Sonya
that are surely going to help change the way you look at learning.

13, May, 2020 | Art of Reading

A Conversation About the Science of Reading

At LM we are very committed to the evidence and science behind our teaching and learning practice. Great article that supports the notion in teaching...

13, May, 2020 | Cognitive Development in Children

You can’t Hurry Mother Nature

At LM we have always believed in the developmental approach. Children can not and must not be rushed by adults. Our role is to create...

12, May, 2020 | Follow a Routine

Supporting Kids During the Coronavirus Crisis Child Mind Institute

The lockdown is tough for everyone including our children. The tips shared will help families navigate these unprecedented times.

11, May, 2020 | Keep it Simple

How to Give Kids Effective Instructions

Great article on speaking effectively to children.

10, May, 2020 | Behaviour Speaks

Breaking the Behavior Code

Ideas on behaviour management. Though the article is for teachers, parents can gain insights too.

9, May, 2020 | It's chances that get kids there

Video from The Atlantic: Are Helicopter Parents Ruining a Generation?

We will have among us a young adult population that doesn’t know how to ‘hashtag adult’. Watch on The Atlantic.

4, March, 2020 | Freedom to Fail

Human Children Simply Weren’t Designed For This

A great article that makes us pause and reflect on the way we are pushing our young children today by adult driven parameters. The benefits...

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