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Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.

John Dewey



  • We facilitate a deep understanding in our community that children are strong, capable, curious and have rights.
  • We value and respect members of our community as unique individuals and approach them with compassion.


Our philosophy stems from our innate belief in children as strong, capable, and creative learners. Joyful learning is fundamental to our belief and we also believe that the teacher’s role is to be a collaborator and facilitator in the learning journey of children while being committed to their own life-long learning.

And this belief about collaborative learning has only been strengthened as we’ve joined hands with The Max Group. For over decades, The Max Group businesses have had well-entrenched positions in their respective categories and are recognized for their unmatched service standards, especially in the business of Life.

From saving lives to improving quality of lives and now shaping lives, The Max Group has always focused on making lives better through their values of Sevabhav, Excellence, and Credibility.

With a common goal to create a learning environment that’s as unique and exemplary; Learning Matters is a reflection of what our partnership with The Max Group truly stands for.


To ensure that school learning is a joyful experience that enables all learners to maximise their potential and become ethical, global citizens in order to lead life of dignity and value to themselves and the world.


  • Each individual is valued and respected.
  • Students and educators are engaged in a collaborative learning process.
  • Knowledge is constructed through active exploration of materials, ideas and social interactions.
  • Teaching processes are based on in-depth understanding of the principles of learning differences.


Learning Matters’ logo is a Swan made of a Tangram Puzzle. The basic colour of our logo is ‘White’ which is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity and is considered to be the colour of perfection. In additive colour mixing, when you mix all the colours, you get the colour White and in the context of learning, if all the different colours stand for knowledge, virtue, wisdom, goodness, morality, righteousness etc. colour White is a perfect mixture of all these attributes.

The 7 notes or the swaras in music that form the core of the entire galaxy of music merge with the sacred sound of unstruck sound. In other words, if all seven colours of a Rainbow symbolize ‘Relative’ truth then colour White is ‘Absolute’ truth.

The Swan in the logo is a representation of knowledge since Swans have always been deeply rooted in our history and mythology. A Swan is said to eat pearls and separate milk from water from a mixture of both; just like our teaching approach at Learning Matters which separates child-centric learning from conventional learning methods, leading to holistic and ‘Organic’ growth.

Just like the puzzle pieces of a Tangram, our teaching approach is as diversified, interesting and participatory. Another reason why we have chosen Tangram as our design element is that Tangrams have both geometric and artistic features. It’s a fact that children are naturally curious and Tangrams are a perfect way to use their curiosity to learn the way they like.

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As a long-time educator, my objective for Learning Matters is to make learning a joyous process for children. To assist children to find meaning in school learning and be able to connect it to their everyday lives. To allow their natural wisdom, curiosity and creativity to flourish and ensure that all students succeed.

I know, the seeds for lifelong development are sown in the early years. It is crucial to give young children the advantage with the right start. I am committed to providing research based best practices in our Early Years classrooms at The Children’s School.

Unfortunately, I have seen and worked with several students who despite being capable and bright struggle at school because their learning profile is not understood. Since our inception in 2005, Learning Matters Foundation has assisted hundreds of students through accurate diagnosis and educational intervention in our after school intervention programme.

We also share our expertise and the current research on learning and teaching with educators and parents through professional development workshops.

I am thrilled to have joined hands with Max Learning Ventures to ensure growth and continued quality in education. Together our endeavour is to serve many more children and families.

I invite you to join us in our exciting endeavour. We must establish equitable classrooms in order to create healthy citizens for a just and tolerant society. Not a tall order for those of us who invest in the future – the future, which is after all, meant for our children.

Sonya Philip, M.Ed.


Learning Matters Foundation was established in 2005 by highly trained, experienced, and passionate educators. Our goal is to ensure children experience joy and success in learning. We merge the current research on learning and teaching with classroom practices.

Our in-depth expertise in child development and in understanding learning differences has allowed us to build –

  • a child-centred early years education programme,
  • an after school intervention and enrichment programme,
  • and ongoing professional teacher trainings.

The disturbing disparity in educational practices in the wider community drives us towards sharing our knowledge through outreach.


It’s a fact that successful organisations are made of its people and it holds true for us too. A mix of thorough professionals with unique skill-sets and experiences, team members at Learning Matters not only add value but learn from one another every single day. Add to this, our team strives continuously- through our efforts and collective ways to create a place that truly reflects our culture, ethos and values that we’ve built over the years.


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